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Mr.Abhisit: “Thailand supports & accompanies LINA Network in creating a 4.0 technology foundation to grow economy”.

Recently, LINA Network Group had a meeting with major manufacturing enterprises in Thailand, such as AIM Thai; Nichirei (Japan); Hi Chef (Thailand) on handing Supply Chain applications and deploying applications for new units in the factories.

The Meeting between LINA Network and Former Prime Minister, Mr. Abhisit

After several working days, all the units mentioned above received the application of Blockchain Supply Chain technology as an effective tool in standardizing the production process, improving products quality before these are reached to consumers.

Accordingly, the Chairman of LINA Network — Mr. Vu Truong Ca also had a private meeting with the former Thai prime minister at the Democratic Party’s main office. After discussion the general situation during more than one year of working with Thai enterprises, Mr. Vu Truong Ca highly appreciated the operational capacity of the production units in Thailand. In addition, LINA Network chairman also added: “Thai manufacturing enterprises are very open in cooperating, updating new technologies to promote products and improve commercial competitiveness to ensure the quality of products when these products are sold in domestic market and export”.

LINA Network Chairman (Left) and Former Prime Minister, Mr. Abhisit

Former Thai Prime Minister — Mr. Abhisit is very happy when the bilateral enterprises have good cooperation and long-term strategy to complement each other in approaching and applying 4.0 technology to reality.

Mr. Abhisit looks forward to accompanying and supporting LINA Network group in the future, especially the important fields to develop 4.0 technology in Thailand such as:

  •  Technology 4.0 will be applied widely in Thailand, typically the application of Blockchain Supply Chain to the Agriculture — Forestry — Fishery units to increase competitiveness in the international market, improve the value of products.
  •  Education investment, promotion of human resources in the field of Blockchain 4.0 through the Top Global Universities in September 2019.
  • Deploying 4.0 technology applications developed by LINA Network to many countries, especially e-Government 4.0 application through the e-Government Alliance event on October 2019 in Israel.
  • Accompanying LINA Network in attracting international market and foreign investment to a technology platform to promote rapidly economy and social development at the 300th anniversary of the Rothschild Family on November 2019 in the United Kingdom.

LINA Network CEO (Right) and Mr. Abhisit

Furthermore, LINA Network chairman also introduced a new plan to promote ASB GUARANTEE Platform with Mr. Abhisit. Optimize the “Insurance” model in protecting financial investors worldwide, especially investors of LINA Network project, increasing the benefit for Tradesyser…

With all these efforts and achievements, this is not hard to aware that LINA token is raising strongly those days. Specially, we can see the “up line” of the LINA token price chart as below.

LINA token’s growth chart

Let’s follow LINA Network and get more great news from this potential Blockchain project.

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