• When LINA’s Supplychain applied to corporations, how compatible of it into the corporate system?

    When designing Blockchain technology application into Supplychain Management, LINA tried to build in line with common standards of most Supplychain models in the world. So when bringing the application into the corporation, it has achieved relatively high compatibility. However, the remaining difficulties include many factors such as:

    -LINA’s Supplychain model builds on a common foundation when applied into specific corporations or companies that will have to change, adapt to specific country, sector or standards and requirements also different.

    -Corporations using different management softwares which are not synchronized so there is no close linkage.

    -Technology constraints, such as corporations operating in agriculture and seafood. The area of harvested agricultural and marine products in remote, near mountain or border areas, offshore. Most of the data is stored on paper, and identified by Excel file, not recognized by the transition management software.

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  • Does LINA’s Supplychain definitely reduce costs and increase revenues for corporations?

    Building blockchain into the first supplychain management has aligned the whole process of the corporation / company to reduce operating costs, along with increasing the trust of customers in the product / brand value. That is the immediate benefit brought to the corporations.

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  • LINA’s platform runs on Ethereum, so if the Ethereum platform crashed, what would happen to LINA’s platform?

    LINA Platform will use Hybrid Architecture, which connects main public network Ethereum (mainnet) with a private, high-performance blockchain service system that is responsible for providing LINA Token is built on the ERC20 platform of Ethereum.
    If the Ethereum system has trouble, it will only affect the LINA payment and all other lina operations will be handled on the private chain so it will not be affected

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