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LINA Network is a Vietnamese start-up established at the end of 2017, with the initial mission of bringing Vietnam’s agricultural products to the world level by applying Blockchain technology into production management in order to make those products become more transparent. In 2018, while the world is chaos of information and confusing the two concepts of Crypto and Blockchain, LINA Network still silently developed ou project and got many impressive achievements. Most recently, the reputable British newspaper Reuters reported the Mobile Application of LINA Supplychain.

Along with the above mission, LINA has expanded and focused on building 4 areas:

+ Review: Evaluating products / services based on the transparency of blockchain with the aim of changing the industry Review has many gaps in prestige today.

+ Digital Identity: Electronic identity helps save personal information on Blockchain, exclusively for countries that are building e-government.

+ Healthcare: Medical record EHR on Blockchain. Patients can self-manage their medical records on this transparent platform, helping them secure their personal information.

+ And the main field, Supply Chain: Building the supply chain, recording the production and logistic processes on the Blockchain platform.

Image 1: LINA.Network ecosystem.

In particular, Supply Chain is being chosen by LINA as the pioneer to be the foundation for developing other applications later. It was this step that brought LINA many remarkable achievements in 2018, the year when the market entered the hibernation period, everyone was discouraged with the market, then LINA did the unbelievable things like: Signing cooperating MOU with 8 Thai corporations to build Supply Chain on Blockchain, welcoming Ms. Charlotte de Rothschild from Rothschild family in 2 concerts in Thailand and Vietnam, attending Industrial 4.0 and meeting with General Nguyen Xuan Phuc in the prime minister’s palace …

These important events are all reported by local and foreign newspapers on their sites. Let’s take a look at the achievements of LINA.Network from its superior products.

In June 2019, the Lao Government became 3rd  Governmen conduct the e-Governm on Blockchain in the World, after Estonia and Dubai. Specifically, LINA. Network is proud to be a partner of the Lao government in building an degital identity system, bringing all basic information needed to manage people on the Blockhain platform. This concussion event has been reported by prestigious domestic and foreign newspapers such as VN Economic Newspaper, VN Express, Dan Tri, Lao Government Home Page and Asian News, …

Image 2: LINA.Network and Laos Government Cooperation Signing Ceremony.

Read more about this event at here and here.

In the supply chain field, this is a key strategy of developing its technology applications so LINA has made important achievements with this project.

With a broad vision of traceability applications based on Blockchain, one of the best solutions to improve the value of Vietnamese agricultural products given by LINA in major events of the Government of Vietnam such as the Spring Agriculture Forum, Vietnam Economic 2018 and in particular, LINA.Network were invited by the prime minister to a private seminar at the Prime Minister’s Palace during the Summit Industrial 4.0 event. Prestigious newspapers always follow and update LINA News in these events at and

Image 3: LINA.Network’s Director Board with Nguyễn Xuân Phúc Prime Minister.

With superior features that can solve the current shortcomings of LINA Supplychain, the traditional supply chain has been used by 8 Thai corporations. Specifically, in May 2018, 8 Thai corporations signed a MOU contract to cooperate with LINA Network to implement the application of Blockchain technology into the enterprise Supply Chain chain. After the news was released, this enterprises have increased their revenue because they accepted to apply Blockchain into production stages and products, increasing the transparency of their products to increase reliability to users.

The Internation Posts:

As a leader in this field, LINA was invited to hold seminars on Supplychain application on the Blockchain with the topic “THE CURRENT CHALLENGES OF SUPPLY CHAIN & THE POTENTIAL OF APPLYING FRONTIER TECHNOLOGY” to discuss more about Existing challenges in supply chain management and solution proposals took place on January 19, 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand with the participation of many experts from large corporations and enterprises such as Heineken, Logistics Bureau, BSAS …

Seeing that, GS1 – who is an international barcode organization (Who is GS1? See: has chosen LINA as its Platinum partner and supports the completion of standardized tracibility procedures, Master Data, EPCIS combined with Blockchain technology of LINA Supplychain application.

Image 4: GS1 and LINA.Network Cooperation Signing Ceremony

Details information at GS1 website:

This is also a great opportunity for LINA, with its experience and popularity, Thailand GS1 will be an important advisor in completing Supplychain application with GS1 standards as well as a bridge for LINA NETWORK in introducing its Blockchain project to companies that are in need of using Blockchain technology for their Supplychain.

LINA also launched the Alpha version of the Blockchain Supply Chain product on October 25, 2018. And at the Propak Asia event, the event was seen as the foundation to connect the areas of expansion of industries together. The largest in Asia, LINA has released a demo panel of the mobile app of the traceability application, part of the LINA Supplychain application being deployed for AIM THAI Group. With this application, 5 seconds after scanning the QR code with the Supply Chain application, users will receive full food information from raw materials to packaging finished products that are completely stored on Blockchain.

Image 5: LINA Tracebility Moblie App on Blockchain.

The event was reported in major national newspapers such as Youth, Techtimes, and more than 10 foreign newspapers Techbullion, Daily Herald, …

Read more here:

In particular, Reuters – One of the world’s largest media news agencies reported on the application about the event. Everyday, receives more than 1.6 million visitors worldwide. Every second, Reuters has over 2,700 online users reading their news. Most readers come from developed countries such as the US, Japan, Britain, India, Australia and China.

Most articles on Reuters will be taken by other newspapers and re-posted. Readers around the world see Reuters as a credible of source of information in every aspect of society because of its high prestige and accuracy over the past 167 years.

Read this news on Reuters.

The fact that LINA.Network is reported by this leading newspaper proves that the products that LINA provides are of global practical value and have high potential for international large companies.

Thus, after more than a year of establishment, LINA has achieved many achievements, especially the achievements of the Supply Chain project when launching products and connecting many large corporations in the world. These are the stepping stone for LINA Network to try harder to improve its Blockchain ecosystem to create an increasingly transparent world, bringing Vietnam’s products and services to gobal scale.

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