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Former Deputy Minister of Health: “Applying Blockchain in Medical is essential”

Đọc tin này bằng Tiếng Việt

Mr. Pham Le Tuan – Former Deputy Minister of Health was sharing his opinion about applying Blockchain in order to solved some necessary issues in Medical field, at the Event in HCMC “LINA Concert – Passion of Rothschild”, which organized by LINA NETWORK – a Vietnamese start-up specialized in Blockchain Tech, Big Data and AI

LINA Concert – Passion of Rothschild is a gathering of local and foreign businesses, especially from Japan, Thailand, India from all fields related to blockchain to meet Cooperation in the near future, including the health sector. In addition, the event features performances by world-famous soprano from England, Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, member of the prestigious Rothschild family.

As one of the most important guests of the LINA Concert – Passion of Rothschild, the appearance of former Vice Minister of Health Pham Le Tuan has received much attention from the press. At the pre-event meeting, he shared with the reporters some ideas about the application of Blockchain technology in the health sector.

Accordingly, he confirmed that apply blockchain in the health field is a need and a huge opportunity not only encapsulated in the medical facility which is at different levels. “Regarding the applying Blockchain, the government has drastically and vigorously directed for past three years and the health field, in particular, has implemented very drastically.

First of all, the implementation of Resolution 18 of the National Assembly must link between the Health Care Provider (such as hospitals, clinics) and the Social Insurance party to carry out Health Insurance payment procedures, formed based on paper records, but currently We’re applying via Electronic Records, “he said.

Former Deputy Minister added that the implementation of the improvement, protection and management of the citizen health, including individuals and households, is an urgent task at the national level, in accordance with the policy of the government. In one hand, how to deploy and by what solution is a problem is the big issue which must be solved by applying IT.

Blockchain technology has the potential to dramatically change the structure, operating modes of a wide range of industries, from data management, security and health services, and a few other areas. For the current health situation, there is a paradox still occur as the result data medical examination of the patient is not shared between hospitals, resulting in many cases lamentable failure to timely diagnosis, reasonable treatment. If these medical data are linked, the face of the health sector in Vietnam will change dramatically.

From these urgent requirements, Blockchain technology can provide a new foundation and structure for the field of medical information management by digitizing medical records, eliminating mediators and giving away the right for patients to become owners of their own Health Records. By this method, the data of health information technology is secured by Blockchain will contribute to reduce treatment time for patients as well as reduce costs for providers of health services and patients also.

Blockchain will be a silver bullet that overcomes the opposition from linking medical records and protecting the privacy of personal data. By creating a secure medical record based on Blockchain technology, only those who are legally authorized by the patient can access it. Use authentication methods data keys on a large scale, combined with a decentralized ledger, the patient only need to provide their ID and doctors and medical staff can be unlocked, access to patient Health Records in real time. For more information, please access this.

Source: (cafebiz.vn)  http://bit.ly/2QGO758

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