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What Makes LINA Network Become The Most Valuable Project in 2020?

Đọc tin này bằng Tiếng Việt

👉 LINA Network is a Vietnamese corporation established at the end of 2017, with the initial mission of bringing Vietnam’s agricultural products to the world level by applying Blockchain technology into production management in order to make those products become more transparent.

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In 2018, while the world is in the chaos of information and confusing the two concepts of Crypto and Blockchain, LINA Network still silently developed their projects and got many impressive achievements. Most recently, the reputable British newspaper Reuters, and America newspapers Bloomberg, NASDAQ have reported on LINA Network.

LINA Ecosystem

Along with the above mission, LINA has expanded and focused on building 4 areas:

+ Review: Evaluating products/services based on the transparency of blockchain with the aim of changing the industry Review has many gaps in prestige today.

+ Digital Identity: Electronic identity helps save personal information on Blockchain, exclusively for countries that are building e-government.

+ Healthcare: Medical record EHR on Blockchain. Patients can self-manage their medical records on this transparent platform, helping them secure their personal information.

+ Supply Chain: Building the supply chain, recording the production and logistic processes on the Blockchain platform.

💥 And LINA token is used as payment in LINA Network ecosystem. Every corporation in the ecosystem will use LINA for rewarding user and maintenance expenses.

LINA token is available on these exchanges: Bitmart, Idax, IDCM, P2PB2B, Yobit, Fatbtc, Simex, Excrate.

💥 The achievements:

+ Building E-Government for Laos, building Driver-license management is the first step.

Demo Driver-license management app at Technology Department in Laos

+ Building and deploying the Supply chain on Blockchain for Aim Thai, in the practical application stage.

+ Be a platinum partner with GS1, GS1 is a not-for-profit organization that develops and maintains global standards for business communication. The best known of these standards is the barcode, a symbol printed on products that can be scanned electronically. GS1 barcodes are scanned more than six billion times every day. Thailand GS1 will be an important advisor in completing Supply chain application with GS1 standards as well as a bridge for LINA NETWORK in introducing its Blockchain project to companies that are in need of using Blockchain technology for their Supply chain.

LINA becomes the Gold partner of Microsoft

+  LINA Network is honored to be chosen by Microsoft as a strategic partner in researching and developing Blockchain applications for their customers in July 2019. Specifically, when Microsoft receives any orders related to the Blockchain segment, Microsoft will work with LINA Network to cooperate and implement products according to the needs of these customers.

On 24th and 26th November, LINA is honored to hold the LINA Concert of Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild (From Rothschild family- Richest family in the world) in Thailand and Vietnam. CEOs, owners from the big companies/corporations are invited to the concert, this is a chance for connection between these corporations.

LINA Concert 2018, Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild (The woman holding the flowers on the right), Chairman Mr Vu Truong Ca (On the right).

Currently, not that much project is still in active and has as many achievements as LINA Network. Let’s see what is coming after the biggest event in the 2019-LINA Concert.

LINA Network in pictures in two years:

Contract signing ceremony, LINA signed contracts with 8 Thai Corporations

LINA Network signed MOU contract with Laos government

Vietnam Prime Minister invited LINA to Minister Palace

LINA Supply chain launching event in October 25th

Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild at LINA Concert in 2018   

LINA Network in Techfest event 2018

Become Platinium partner with GS1 Thailand (GS1 Thailand president on the left side, CEO LINA Network on the right side)

LINA Review launching on September 24th, 2019


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