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A Decision Was Made, New Journey for LINA Network Begins

Đọc tin này bằng Tiếng Việt

The representative of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee – Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong has just granted the Co-founder of LINA Network an honorable award. It is known that this is the second time that Mr. Mitchell Pham – Co-Founder of LINA Network is honored.

Recently, Mr. Mitchell Pham — Co-Founder of LINA Network project has just been honored by Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee for: “Have outstanding achievements in business and investment, actively participate in charitable activities and social work of the city for many years (2016–2018)”. This is the result after a huge effort from Mr. Mitchell Pham in connecting and promoting the economic between two countries that he loves the most- New Zealand & Vietnam.

2 Co-Founder of LINA Network and staff

This is why he was honored by the “World Economic Forum” in his precious contribution to the development of technology between two countries. In the joy and pride, Mr. Mitchell Pham immediately had a meeting with all leaders and employees of LINA Network Corporation.

Accordingly, Mr. Mitchell Pham — the Co-Founder of LINA Network project is also one of the entrepreneurs, regular guests of the Prime Minister and Congressmen in New Zealand. Currently, he is the President of the New Zealand Technology Association, representing more than 400 businesses in New Zealand.

Mitchell Pham at New Zealand Award event

Moreover, Mr. Mitchell Pham and Mr. Vu Truong Ca — the chairman of LINA Network, presented many new plans to strongly promote and develop LINA Network in the future, creating a breakthrough in the crypto market.

Mitchell Pham presented about STO

“STO, may become the story that attracts investors all over the world in the near future, and LINA Network Corporation can absolutely do that,” Mr. Mitchell Pham noted in the meeting, which was shared a lot about LINA strategy and plan in future.

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