LINA Network has officially become A Gold Partner with Microsoft

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The World Economic Forum (WEF) has concluded that blockchain “will fundamentally alter the way financial institutions do business around the world” after a year-long study of this emerging technology. Giancarlo Bruno, Head of Financial Services Industries at WEF, says in an email announcing the report’s publication:

“Rather than to stay at the margins of the finance industry blockchain will become the beating heart of it. It will help build innovative solutions across the industry, becoming ever more integrated into the structure of financial services, as mainframes, messaging services, and electronic trading did before it.”

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Blockchain changes the world

In addition, Blockchain also applies to the government to manage population and transport data, etc. The Korean government plans to develop the Blockchain industry with 108 million USD, will be implemented in the period of 2019-2023. In order to raise these ideas and support start-up companies, they will provide the workspace for 200 companies in this area.

Following this technology trend, the leading financial institutions in the world have also jumped in and launched their own Blockchain platforms, to enable faster and smoother banking transactions and encourage other financial organizations to get in and develop this technology. One of the first organizations is the financial group – JPMorgan Chase, announcing to the world that the financial revolution is the fact that HSBC has successfully implemented the world’s first blockchain transaction for commercial contribution in 5/2018.

Most governments and leading economic organizations in the world have demonstrated that Blockchain is a future technology, anyone outside this flow will be left behind as the Internet has changed the world in the last 20 years.

Microsoft Azure

It became news that the software giant Microsoft also embarked on this Blockchain Revolution. Microsoft has just signed an agreement to develop new technologies that help to improve agricultural efficiency in Brazil. Recently, Microsoft made some breakthroughs with Blockchain technology in a related field. In May, Microsoft launched a new Azure Blockchain development tool kit for Ethereum, Corda, Hyper ledger, to support developers who are building blockchain-related applications online. Last month, Microsoft has been building a decentralized identity infrastructure built on Bitcoin called ION.

LINA launched Supply Chain on Blockchain at Propak Event in Thailand

Focusing on developing Blockchain Technology, Microsoft actively seeks potential partners in this area to cooperate and develop relevant applications for many aspects of life. With outstanding successes in 2018, 2019 and especially the mobile Application Supply Chain on Blockchain for AIM Thai, LINA Network is honored to be chosen by Microsoft as a strategic partner in researching and developing Blockchain applications for their customers. Specifically, when Microsoft receives any orders related to the Blockchain segment, Microsoft will work with LINA Network to cooperate and implement products according to the needs of these customers. Check here

LINA Network has officially become a Gold partner with Microsoft

After signing contract after contract with 33 major partners in Supply chain, Identity, Fin-tech, etc. LINA Network has partnered with Microsoft and been successfully recognized by the Blockchain community. Hopefully, with the achievements that the whole team has made efforts over the past 1 year, LINA Network will grow stronger and become the world’s leading Blockchain company.

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