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What is LINA solution to reduce climate change at the ECR event?

Đọc tin này bằng Tiếng Việt

ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) is a concept based on Logistics and Supply Chain Management for applicable industries including Consumer goods, Wholesale and Retail. It emphasizes collaboration between the partnership and Supply Management  and Demand Management.

With 33 members including most of the leading manufacturing, retail, logistics companies in Thailand such as Unilever, Nestle, Big C, DHL, Thai Trade Net, etc. ECR Thailand is currently the leading agency in the field of connecting businesses and supply chain management for all industries in Thailand.

Every year, the agency will hold an intensive workshop called ECR Talk to include experts from the fields and corporations to talk about a specific problem. This year, the topic of ECR Talk 2019 is “Sustainability for our Tomorrow”. The Talkshow was attended by Deputy Director of Natural Resources and Environment of Thailand as a speaker.

At this Talk show, executives from manufacturers, service providers and retailers would present their initiatives and discuss supply chain collaboration towards increased efficiency, productivity, waste management and environmental protection.

“We believe we can play an important role in improving waste management in Thailand and contribute to climate change mitigation, for a better future.”

LINA’s blockchain applications in supply chain have earned a lot of achievements in Thailand, and the technology is expected to completely change the problems of the traditional Supply chain. LINA is honored to participate in this event as a speaker alongside with representatives from multinational corporations such as Nestle, Microsoft, CHEP, etc.

Mr. Huynh Nhat Duat represented LINA Network as its Supply chain Project Director to participate in this event, and presented about LINA Network right after the Unilever representative. Standing in front of Thai agencies and experts from large corporations, within 5 minutes, Mr. Duat presented what Blockchain will have to do with climate change mitigation, sustainability and how LINA Supply chain plays a role in that campaign.

Currently, climate change is the most pressing issue in the world, and has been so for 100 years. People are aware of its urgency because wildfire continuously occurs, and many creatures gradually disappear from the planet. The causes are human being, the speed of civilization development, increasing consumption demand, factories expanding all over the world.

Today, especially in developing countries, the problem of waste from factories is not really strictly managed. Waste management is still very loose and not transparent. However, users are aware of that, they are aware of climate change, the environment is increasingly polluted, so they will react strongly to companies/corporations which announce protecting the environment with efficient waste management, but being “uncovered”, they discharge polluted water, air, trash, etc. directly to the environment.

At the sharing session at the ECR event, Mr. Duat mentioned the urgency of environmental protection from large and small businesses. At the same time, Mr. Duat showed the solutions that LINA brought there, including the blockchain applications of Supply Chain and waste management. Applying Blockchain to the entire production and waste management will help the factory information to be completely transparent, increasing customer’s trust and sympathy.

Now, let’s hope in the bright future that a Vietnamese Start-up can reach new heights in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

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