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LINA Review – Solution for Review Industry

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Applied 100% Blockchain technology, Bigdata in collecting user feedbacks, LINA Review will not only be the reputable, quality platform but users will also be able to earn income on that platform.

In the afternoon of September 24, 2019, LINA Network Corporation officially launched LINA Review Platform – Product Review application for users around the world.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Trieu Thien, CEO of LINA Network said that LINA Review is unlike the current evaluation systems, LINA Review applies 100% of 4.0 technology – blockchain, in recording comments and feedbacks from users.

“According to research data, today, the majority of users have a habit of viewing product reviews through different Review platforms before making purchases decision. However, most review platforms are not really objective, transparent and able to be dominated by a specific group of users, including KOL, administrators, … Therefore, LINA Review was born, provided a platform that users were able to enhance many aspects of the product.” Mr. Thien shared.

Mr. Nguyen Dang Trieu Thien, CEO of LINA Network Group introduced about LINA Review.

The difference between LINA Review and other platforms is LINA Review integrated many types of products (Accommodation, Car, Skin Care, English Center, Food & Beverage ..) with many evaluation criteria, data analysis systems…

For each different product category, LINA Review will have a different set of criteria for evaluation, analysis, and comparison. General criteria to ensure that products in the same type & industry will follow the same evaluation process. Users can propose a set of evaluation criteria for the product they want on LINA Review.

In addition, LINA Review also integrates Review Research to view the review results of any product, giving users an overview of the product.

In particular, each type of product has 2 separate reviews: regular users and experts. Thereby, users will get more product information precisely.

LINA Review’s structure.

All reviews or “scores” for the rating (Review rating) will be stored on LINA Network’s blockchain-based on the 4.0 Ethereum Private Network. Therefore, the reviews displayed on the system (Onchain) will be transparent, immutable. Even an administrator or an app publisher cannot change the results of user reviews on the LINA Review platform.

All users can earn income from LINA Review

As mentioned above, the LINA Review platform has two roles: “Regular users and experts”, also known as User and Helper.

With the User, they can review all products on the system, and evaluate reviews of other users to make it right, avoid fake review. Meanwhile, Helper will be the users who are selected from the system or trusted by the community. Helper has a role as a user but most of their reviews influence to users, generally.

The LINA Review platform has two roles from users: “Regular users and experts”

Therefore, if the Helper has many bad reviews, the community votes “disagree”. That person will be taken down to be an ordinary user by the system. Therefore, experts must review products carefully, impartially because of their reputation, fame, and income attached along on the Review platform.

Profit from the advertisement will be shared to Users and Experts on LINA Review – thereby LINA’s creating a win-win model for users and corporation. The connection between the review qualities and income will improve the quality of reviews on the LINA Review platform.

In the event, LINA Network signed a memorandum of understanding with corporations from Japan to apply Blockchain Supply Chain – Application of Supply Chain Management developed by LINA.

LINA expects the App for LINA Review will be launched on Android and IOS platforms in December 2019.

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