The first most-trusted e-commerce platform for agricultural sectors

Lina MarketTrust is an agricultural exchange adhering to Lina FarmTrust – our traceability platform. The connection between 2 platforms creates a solid supply chain to conjoin & benefit all participants.

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Report and analyse market information

Provide visual reports and analysis of market information so that the parties can easily balance supply and demand, control product prices and make accurate manufacturing decisions. Assist farmers and businesses in minimizing business risks due to slow updating of market information or lack of in-depth analysis.

Connect suppliers with buyers & vice versa

Connect stakeholders in the supply chain such as farms, manufacturers, distributors, and exporters, creating a 4.0 agricultural community. The utility application can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Convenient for finding reliable sources of suppliers and consumers of agricultural products at reasonable prices.

Integrate traceability feature

By integrating with the Lina FarmTrust traceability platform, Lina MarketTrust also supports the extraction of transparent information about agricultural products from cultivating process to harvesting, processing, packaging and distributing products to the consumers’ hands, ensuring the quality of agricultural products and increasing brand reputation.

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