Terms & Conditions

Lina Network is a corporation with an international network to provide solutions to real-world problems by applying technologies. 

We are willing to explain any concern of Terms and conditions below. Please contact us at email [email protected] 

Lina Network reserves the right to edit and update this document at any necessary time. We will inform customers when we have any editing.

  1. Definitions

Lina Network: a technology corporation providing digital transformation solutions for businesses and the economy in general, with an official website is https://lina.network. Lina Network provides a wide range of products and services to help our customers resolve their current problems.

At present, Lina Network’s ecosystem includes the following products:

  • Lina Review: A transparent Blockchain review platform where consumers are truly heard and their reviews are treasured by brands.
  • Lina FarmTrust: An international integrated traceability platform based on trustworthy Blockchain technology.
  • Lina MarketTrust (Coming soon): An e-commerce platform for agricultural products that connects and provides market data to all involved parties. 
  • Lina eGovernment (Coming soon): An electronic identification solution built on Blockchain platform.
  • Lina MediTrust (Coming soon): An electronic health record storage and management system built on Blockchain platform. 

Customer: all organizations, companies or individuals who have demand for our products or are using one of Lina Network products. 

Partners: all organizations, companies or individuals who connect or be a member of our international network, have mutual agreement on partnerships. The agreement is either in contract or in another legal form. 

  1. Customers’ accounts

Với Customers have compulsory responsibilities for their own accounts and related data when using Lina Network’s products/ services. 

  • Customers take full responsibilities for protection of account data like password and account information, as well as for all activities created by their account. 
  • Customers are not allowed to share or use their account with other users to insure a high level of data protection.
  • Customers please inform Lina Network immediately when seeing any unusual activities or errors from their account and make sure to log out after every using session. Lina Network is unable to and will not be responsible for any loss or defect of customers’ accounts if they violate the above-mentioned rules and regulations. 

In case, any conflict appears between Lina Network and customers or customers with each other, customers agree that Lina Network is the prime judge and our decision is the final resolution, all other individuals and parties have to obey. 

  1. Customer data and responsibility of all parties

Customer data is all data customers upload or send via any device or platform to present to Lina Network. The data includes messages, announcements, images, photos, videos, opinions, comments, links and any other related  type of information. Customer data also consists of every information, links and documents that they store or send through data clouds such as Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox.

Customer is the fully righted owner to control and access the data they upload. They also take all responsibility for the data or the account which sends or receives the data. 

Customers have to understand that Lina Network do not own any data customers upload on Lina Network’s database, except for Lina Network’s public instruction themes or files.

Customers are granted full rights to decide the data to upload. However, the data with one of the following content is FORBIDDEN to upload: 

  • Violating, bothering or damaging other people or their assets
  • Relating to frauds, trust violations, abusion or pornography
  • Violating privacy, racism, sexisism, religious or disability discrimination
  • Violating copyrights or trademarks

Lina Network has rights to deactivate accessibility to any data of customers if we identify Terms and Conditions violation or receive any report from account’s owner, or copyright/trademark violation and legal parties’ request. 

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