The first agricultural traceability platform on Blockchain

“83.8% of surveyed people believe that food sold is not meeting the hygiene and safety standards.” – According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam.

Lina FarmTrust is the affirmation of product quality to consumers.

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Record all cultivating activities

Assist farmers in recording farming activities based on international standards with the consultation of experts from global agricultural organizations. Allow data extraction to register for certificates or trace causes when problems arise with farming products and support farmers achieve certification more easily.

Manage inventory efficiently

Control input materials (varieties, fertilizers, plant protection drugs, growth stimulants,…) and output products easily by quantity, storage location, delivery date, expire date of each batch of materials. Allow retrieving information and notifying farmers when a batch is about to expire.

Estimate harvest yield

Manage agricultural outputs more effectively by estimating total harvests, lowest and highest yields per plot of land based on amount of crops, age of crops, health records, and conditions of care. Predict revenue for each season and strictly control of agricultural product prices.

Track origin of farming products

Reliable traceability platform thanks to the transparency and immutability of Blockchain technology. Provide accurate information about the content of raw materials used through each crop and batch of products to ensure the quality of agricultural products and establish trust with consumers.

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