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See detailed instructions to transfer LINA Token to Enjin wallet HERE

Lina Token is built on the ERC-20 platform. Therefore, LINA Token can be stored on ERC-20 cryptocurrency wallets such as cold wallet, MEW, Trust wallet, Enjin wallet, Meta Mask wallet, etc.

LINA Token can be traded on international crypto exchanges such as Bitmart, with the trading pairs available are LINA/BTC and LINA/USDT.

To exchange LINA Token to VND, please follow these steps:

  1. Sell LINA Token to BTC or USDT on Bitmart.com.
  2. Transfer BTC or USDT to other crypto exchanges that support trading in your local currency such as Remitano.com or Aliniex.com and conduct the transaction to fiat.
  3. Transfer VND to your personal bank account.

See detailed instructions of selling LINA token to fiat currency HERE.

LINA Token can be traded on international crypto exchanges such as Bitmart, with the trading pairs available are LINA/BTC and LINA/USDT.

To buy LINA Token with your local currency, please follow these steps:

  1. Buy BTC or USDT with VND on crypto exchanges that support fiat such as Remitano.com or Aliniex.com
  2. Transfer BTC or USDT to Bitmart.com and conduct the transaction to LINA Token.
  3. Transfer LINA Token to your personal crypto wallet.

See detail instructions of buying LINA Token with fiat currency in HERE

The official exchange for LINA Token will be announced soon.

LINA Token is the intrinsic token of Lina Network’s platform. LINA Token will be used in Lina Review, Lina FarmTrust and Lina MarketTrust platform as the reward, service or exchange unit between parties within the ecosystem.

The total amount of LINA token generated is 900,000,000.


  • 300,000,000 LINA tokens were provided to the community during the Token Generation Event (TGE).
  • 600,000,000 LINA tokens are locked in Smart Contract and 10% of it will be unlocked annually for the next 10 years (60,000,000 tokens per year).

There are more than 300 million tokens have been released. However, since most of the available tokens have been locked by Lina Masternode and Starnode program for 2-10 years, the total number of tokens in the market is approximately 150 million tokens.

LINA Token is the intrinsic token of the Lina platform, based on Ethereum – a decentralized platform on Blockchain. Applications that are created on this platform are allowed to work exactly as it was programmed, which can not be cheated, moderated or intervened by a third party, thereby facilitating encrypted online contractual agreements.

Lina Platform introduces a hybrid architecture approach, bridging between public Ethereum chain (mainnet) and the high performance, scalable private side-blockchain transaction services for scalable interactions with the LINA token.

With this Hybrid design, Lina Network Ecosystem can be expanded to many other industries. Lina Review and Lina Farmtrust, as well as other products in Lina Network Ecosystem are designed on a different Lina Core to solve specific use casse, instead of building a common platform, so it will ensure scale up for those use cases.

All of these “Lina Core” will be connected to the Ethereum Mainnet and use only the LINA token as internal token for the entire system. The target customers of Lina Network Ecosystem will be enterprises and the government, so the scalability of the system is particularly focused during the design process.

Therefore Lina will not only be limited to current products, but it can create a huge ecosystem also, for many solutions to solve various practical problems in society. And this extensibility is unlimited.

Lina Network is using outstanding technology to help optimize Blockchain platform and Hybrid bridge technology.

Lina Hybrid is an intermediary system, responsible for “connecting” blockchains of Lina Core systems in Lina Network Ecosystem together, and with Ethereum Mainnet to handle Lina token-related tasks.

Tokens between the private chain platform and the Ethereum blockchain could be dynamically interchangeable. As such, the balance of the ETH smart contract (LINA Token) could be equal to the liquidity of the tokens inside the private chain. Locking mechanisms in smart contracts should be implemented to ensure the consistency of the balance in user wallets between public and private platforms.

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