The first electronic health record system on Blockchain

Lina MediTrust is created to resolve current underlying issues if the electronic medical records (EMR) system, such as scattered records, patients ownership and low security level of information. 

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Access all health records on one platform

An electronic health record system on a single platform applying Blockchain technology, connecting all medical facilities. Create an easily accessible platform for data entry and extraction with high security. Lina MediTrust is an effective platform to help reduce time and human resource for paperwork, supporting the traceability of medical products with ease.

Share medical records between health facilities

Share diagnosis and treatment records easily thanks to the unified digital language, thereby standardizing the procedures at health facilities and improving the process of medical examination and treatment, saving time and cost for both patients and medical facilities. Moreover, Lina MediTrust can create a nationwide network of health facilities.

Secure data and medical records

Data stored in the system cannot be tampered or stolen thanks to Blockchain technology, contributing to frauds detection in healthcare services and insurance, thereby strengthening the reputation of health facilities. With decentralized access, Lina MediTrust gives users the true ownership of their medical data.

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