The first transparent review platform on Blockchain

“88% of consumers get higher satisfaction when their feedback is noticed and replied to by brands.” – According to Super Office’s survey.

Lina Review platform was created to connect and construct a solid-based relationship between customers and businesses.

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Provide quality & trustworthy reviews

Store reviews on a transparent Blockchain platform. Lina Review values the authenticity and accuracy of customer feedback. The objective scoring mechanism: User Score (rated by the community) and Meta Score (rated by experts) deliver a multi-dimensional perspective for users.

Interact in multi-channel & multi-platform

Share reviews to multiple digital platforms in just 1 click. Easily redirect to e-commerce sites, which create a convenience shopping experience for users. In addition, the Marketplace feature of the platform also encourages interaction and increases brand revenue.

Collect statistical data and surveys

Provide the most intuitive report for brands about user behavior. Conveniently collect reviews and feedback from customers in a short time. Survey customer information, help businesses improve the quality of products/ services or test the market from practical assessments and bring sustainable solutions for businesses in the journey to win customers’ hearts.

Integrate effective marketing tools

Reach out to a community of thousands users and promote brand image through Lina Review newsletter, Email Marketing, Customer Data Management, Survey, Evaluation, Ranking, Advertising with KOLs. 

Technology That Builds Trust

Executed with the world’s most reliable Blockchain technology, Lina Review listens to all users’ feedback with impartiality as to protect brands and consumers against any acts of sabotage.

Value Your Experience with Lina Review

Explore & share real experiences with Lina Review!

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