Lina Network and GS1 Thailand shake the hand for bringing Barcode into new level

Lina Network

July 29, 2020


Recently, GS1 Thailand has officially signed a contract with Lina Network in apply Blockchain technology into supply chain. Accordingly, Lina Network will officially become a very first Platinum Partner in the GS1 Thailand organization’s global alliance.

Lina Network become platinum partner of GS1
Lina Network become Platinum Partner with GS1 Thailand

GS1 – The Product  Standard Revolution through Barcode

Every day in the world, there are at least 5 billion Barcodes scanned by machines and users. Most of the barcodes are figured by the GS1 and defined according to a separate standard. BarCode Standard Regulation  for products in each industry, each country are different which is the common language for the global product system.

With more than 40 years of establishment, 30 years of experience in the field of shaping the barcode standards for millions of different companies worldwide. Currently GS1 has representatives in over 108 countries around the world and operates in more than 20 industries. GS1 has unintentionally connected, strongly promoting the multinational business economy quietly.

GS1 representative talked about the benefits of Barcode
GS1 representative talked about the benefits of Barcode


In addition, the bar codes today do not only stop at defining the standard of goods but also help users identify many other values such as:

  • GS1’s barcode creates more advantage for businesses in managing the supply chain product basically.
  • Facilitate new services for consumers (knowing the origin of products, production date, expiry date …)
  • Barcodes help users and businesses identify fake and real goods
  • Barcodes help to exchange the information worldwide fastly, smoothly, without paperwork because all of them are in a common data system.
  • GS1’s bar codes help us easily to trace the origin of any product on a global scale

Strategic handshake to create a new code of Bar Code

Lina Supply Chain is one of key project in Lina Ecosystem. With a team of multinational experts in the field of supply chain and blockchain, Lina has made significant achievements with this project. Seeing that, GS1 chose Lina as a Platinum partner and supported the completion of standardized procedures for traceability, Master Data and EPCIS in combination with Blockchain technology of Lina Supply Chain application.

About GS1, they are very interested in Blockchain technology and have cooperating with partners (Trade-Van and CAT Telecom) to deploy their own blockchain platform on the storage and exchange of customs information between Thailand and Taiwan, with called ‘Cross Border Blockchain Platform’ (CBBP).

Watch the meeting between GS1’s CEO and Lina Network representatives.

With efforts in researching blockchain technology into upgrading standards and improving Supply Chain management, GS1 expects to cooperate with Lina to help this organization accelerate the research and deployment project.

Lina Network signing contract with GS1
Mr. Nguyen Dang Trieu Thien (right) – CEO LINA NETWORK take a picture with Pravith Chotiprayanakul (left) – CEO GS1 in Thailand office strategic contract signing ceremony.


Also at the signing ceremony of the strategic partnership, Mr. Pravith Chotiprayanakul CEO of GS1 commented on the cooperation relationship with Lina Network  as follows:

“As the head of the GS1 organization in the Thai market, I think this partnership is very valuable. We – GS1 take on the role of forming Barcode standards for the business community and users worldwide. So, over the years, we have put them together to create a common standard. This standard has helped the world economy develop strongly. Now, we are honored to announce that the Supply Chain application – Block Chain based on Lina Network can help our GS1 to re-define BarCode and bring the Barcode to a higher level with immutable values”, Mr. Pravith Chotiprayanakul CEO of GS1.

This is also a great opportunity for Lina, with its experience and popularity, GS1 Thailand will be an important advisor in completing Supply Chain application with GS1 standards as well as a bridge for Lina Network in introducing Blockchain application on Blockchain platform for companies in Thailand that are in need.


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