Lina Network and the inevitable transformation

Lina Network

August 3, 2020

During the past 3 years, Lina Network has been dedicated to complete our products for agriculture on the Blockchain platform. However, we find the potential of Blockchain technology far more applicable for many other sectors than just for agriculture, especially when the global is facing a pandemic of Covid-19 and on demand for urgent solutions. In addition, Lina Network also believes it’s about time to take the next significant step on our development journey to contribute more to the economy and society. According to these two reasons, it comes to a decision for Lina Network to edify ourselves and define a new mission:

“To become an organization with a global network that provides solutions to real-world problems in societies using technology applications.”

To fulfill this meaningful mission, Lina Network has been developing a wide range of products applied Blockchain technology to solve essentially urgent problems and also bring out practical value for multi-sector. In details: 

  • Lina Review – The first review platform on blockchain provides real value for both consumers and businesses by a comprehensive connection.
  • Lina FarmTrust – The first agricultural traceability on Blockchain supports farmers to standardize farm produce cultivation on benchmark of international organizations such as GlobalGAP.
  • Lina MarketTrust – The most-trusted e-commerce platform for the agriculture sector which is connected to Lina FarmTrust platform  as to balance the supply with the demand and secure products’ quality. 
  • Lina MediTrust – The first health record system on Blockchain resolves all existing drawbacks of the current traditional health record storage system.
  • Lina eGovernment – The pioneering solution in providing digital identity for governments belongs to E-Government Alliance (EGA) which is initiated and hosted by Lina Network. 
Lina Network’s strategic ecosystem

Along with domestic changes, Lina Network also transforms the brand identity to suit with the new developing direction. In July 31st, 2020, Lina Network officially launched the new logo and entire brand key visual package with modern, professional and open vibes. 

Lina Network launched new brand identity

The new logo design includes 3 dots, those are connected tightly and presented for 3 elements: Human, Technology, Solution. Via this logo, Lina Network emphasizes the important role of technology in connecting human (individuals, organizations, partners) to provide the prime solutions for existing obstacles in the economy and society’s progress. In other words, it is the illustration of the mission Lina Network is attempting to achieve. 

Lina Network knows that we can succeed without the contribution of our partnered individuals and organizations as well as our staff. Lina Network sincerely appreciates your support and hopes that we will be continued to receive your encouragement in our upcoming journey.