Lina Network – The 1st Vietnam technology enterprise to attend Future Government Summit 2020

Lina Network

August 20, 2020

August 20, 2020, Future Government Summit at New Zealand was officially organized on a digital platform. There were more than 200 attendants including New Zealand government’ representatives and other leaders in Digital Technology and many influencers in different sectors.

Virtual event - Future Government Summit 2020 at New Zealand


Future Government Summit 2020 at New Zealand was held during Covid-19 outbreak which required governments to be extremely careful in any slight changes related to domestic operation and management. In addition, there was also pressure from the competition between countries to digitalize the government and connect state agencies with citizens effectively. Therefore, this summit clarified growth directions with 4.0-technology application for public sectors in New Zealand, which in the long run aimed to complete thier E-government.

NewZealand future government summit speaker
New Zealand Future Government Summit speaker

At the summit, there were attendances of New Zealand government’s representatives including Ms. Carolyn Tremain – Chief Executive and Comptroller at New Zealand Customs Service and Mr. Mark Sowden – Government Statistician and Chief Executive of Stats New Zealand who gave a speech on the cooperation between governments to make their citizens focal in the new New Zealand Government. Besides, this event also had the presences of well-known leaders in 4.0 Technology field, for instance, Mr. Neil Osmond – Vice President and Distinguished Analyst in Gartner’s CIO Research and Advisory group, Mr. Graeme Muller – CEO of NZTech, Ms. Emma Naji – Executive Director of AI Forum New Zealand, etc. Our speakers provoked expert discussions on the topic “How technology will be applied for government management and operation?”

Mr. Leigh Flounders – Lina Network’s strategic consultant was honored to provide a speech on secure and transparent E-government solutions on the Blockchain platform. With the case study of Cross cultural innovation & Its challenges “The Laos Government Drivers Licence Blockchain Initiative with Vietnamese Technology Company Lina Network”, Mr. Leigh presented persuasively about the potential of Blockchain application for E-government. The success of phase 1 in Laos’ E-government on blockchain platform– digitalizing driving license had proved efficiency of technologies as solutions for real-world problems when we combined them together.

Lina Network at New Zealand future government summit 1
Lina Network at New Zealand future government summit 

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