Lina Network’s attending in The Future Government Summit 2020

Lina Network

August 15, 2020

In the context of the e-Government revolution 4.0, Vietnam is also in the pursuit of building an e-Government on the momentum of digital transformation in all fields (Economy, Education, Health, etc).

The Future Government Summit 2020 in New Zealand

In recent years, the competition of the e-Government revolution 4.0 has attracted many pioneering technology companies and corporations in Vietnam to join and advocate digital solutions for the governments. Lina Network is one of the outstanding attendants in this race.

At The Future Government Summit 2020 , which is organized live streaming at New Zealand, Lina Network is honored to provide a speech on this compelling topic and also attend as the Platinum sponsor. This event is organized by NZ Tech Federation, ConferenceZ and Platinum sponsor- Lina Network and will focus on the subject of Technology – Collaboration – Citizen-centric engagement – Leadership 

Accordingly, this Summit includes setting the direction for the growth and development of New Zealand’s public sector. It is also designed to put forward the hurdles that our public sector is faced with, and solutions to overcome them.

In addition, the Summit revolves around Technology – Collaboration – Citizen-Centric Engagement – Leadership. Specifically, the pioneering new age of Technology – Blockchain – spiritually Collaborating will encourage New Zealand Government, Government agencies, citizens and the Governments globally to work together to deliver desirable outcomes for New Zealand.

Citizen-centric engagement is always put on top concerns, considered the guidelines for all activities of the Government. By positively pushing the interactions between New Zealand’s citizens, the Government and citizens, this constructs a solid-based block which brings a strongly stable country.

The final aim is to manage public-sector leadership and forecast the operation in future; link and find new ways of work when deploying in public sectors.

The participants in this Summit are mostly CEOs in Information and Technology, Digital Technology, and also Strategic Advisors in New Zealand.

The representative of Lina Network corporation at the Future Government Summit 2020 is Mr. Leigh Flounders – Strategic Advisors. With over 10 years of experience in deploying digital government management, Mr Leigh is going to deliver a speech about Cross cultural innovation & Its challenges “The Laos Government Drivers Licence Blockchain Initiative with Vietnamese Technology Company Lina Network”.

Ông Leigh Flounders
Mr Leigh Flounders – Strategic Advisors of Lina Network corporation


The speech of Mr Leigh Flounders is about how Blockchain technology is applied to solve Government services.

With a cross – cultural country as New Zealand, the application of new technology in managing public-sector services also shows challenges of transformation. Also in this Summit, Mr. Leigh shows a case study about The Laos Government Drivers Licence Blockchain Initiative with Vietnamese Technology Company Lina Network.

In fact, 4.0 technology is still unknown by most people; therefore, this application introduces a totally new 4.0 platform. Deploying digitized solutions like e-Government enhances the connection and collaboration among leading experts in this field. Via The Future Government Summit 2020, Lina Network is in hopes of collaborating, contributing ideas, discussing and sharing experiences to corporations, companies and big enterprises of New Zealand as well as all around the world.

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