Lina Network and the long journey in 2018


July 16, 2020


One year after the wave of cryptocurrency emerged, the number of Blockchain projects which are still operating reduced significantly. Many projects had to give up because there are not enough funds to sustain. Meanwhile, Lina Network’s projects continue to progress and expand their partnership network as they signed contracts with top corporations in Thailand, Japan and other countries.

Lina Network is a member of the multinational corporation Smart Links. Based on the standard platform of Blockchain technology, Lina Network has been consistently improving the company’s key products to apply Blockchain in life, such as:

  • Lina Review
  • Lina Digital Identity
  • Lina Supply Chain
  • Lina Healthcare

After signing a contract of “Digital Identity on Blockchain” with the Laos government, Lina Network has successfully cooperated with more than 30 corporations from Japan, Thailand, India, U.S… In October 2018, Lina Network had launched the blockchain-based Supply Chain Management System – a comprehensive solution helping enterprises solve the root causes of the problem. In addition, Lina Network has also partnered with the world’s leading universities to open the Blockchain Research Institute to research, train and provide high-quality human resources for this industry.

2019 is coming, Let’s look back together on the journey that Lina Network and team have gone through many milestones.

January 7th – Soft Launching event in Thailand

First, we go back to Lina Network’s Soft Launching event in Thailand on January 7th with the participation of over 1,000 investors around Asia, Europe and the US. Lina Network’s Co-founder, Mr. Mitchell Pham, Chairman of the New Zealand Technology Association, officially introduced Lina Review to the community in public.

Lina Network soft launch
Lina Network’s soft launching event in Thailand

January 15th – ICO event in Switerzerland

A week later, on January 15th, Lina Network launched the ICO successfully at Geneva, Switzerland. At this event, the Co-founders also introduced the details of the project. The project was a concept of building a platform for product and service evaluation on Blockchain. That is Lina Review Platform was introduced at Blockchain Week.

March 2018 – Co-organizer of the Vietnam Blockchain Week

Lina Network – as the co-organizer of Blockchain Week, which the first international conference of blockchain technology was organized in Ho Chi Minh City, had more than 2,500 people interested in cryptocurrency, especially the presence of Ta Viet Dung, Director General of the Department of Technology Development and Application, Ministry of Science and Technology. At this event, Lina Network highlighted the importance of introducing Lina Network’s products to everyone. Mr. Michelle Pham shared, “Lina Review is the world’s first blockchain-based evaluation platform, using the immutability of Blockchain to create the highest transparency possible.” For the first time, reviewers will receive rewards based on their evaluation and community judgment.

Lina Network at Blockchain event
Lina Network co-organized the Vietnam Blockchain Week event.

April 24th – The main sponsor of the 2018 Spring Agriculture Forum

With the ambition of bringing Vietnam’s agriculture to a higher level, in April 24th, Lina Network served as the main sponsor of the 2018 Spring Agriculture Forum “Renewing the Supply Chain to Strengthen effective Vietnam Agriculture”, organized by the Agriculture Alliance and the Vietnam Rural Development Science Association. This is the largest activity of the year in the series of Policy Discussion Forum sessions on important policy issues of the agricultural recently.

Chủ tịch Vũ Trường Ca của Lina Network
Lina Network’s Chairman Mr. Vu Truong Ca at Spring Agriculture Forum 2018

Mr. Vu Truong Ca, Chairman of Lina Network, was the main speaker on “Transparency feature is needed for Traditional Supply Chain to minimize market failure in Industry Revolution”, specifically, the supply chain application on the Blockchain. “The platform, when applied to supply chain practices for visibility, helps customers from Ca Mau to Mong Cai, or overseas, to track back the source of the product.” – Mr. Vu Truong Ca stated.

May 6th – Participated as the speaker in the Vietnam Economic Forum

This is  the answer to “Solutions for Vietnamese agricultural products trading development” at the Vietnam Economic Forum held on May 6th that Mr. Vu Truong Ca participating as a speaker. Vietnam Economic Forum 2018 held by the Central Economic Committee attracted 1,500 delegates at Vietnam and abroad with the presence of Mr. Mai Tien Dung – Minister of the Office of the Government and the Chief Executive Forum Vietnam Economic Times.

Vietnam Econony Forum 2019
Lina Network’s Chairman Mr. Vu Truong Ca at Vietnam Economic Forum 2018

May 18th – Contract Signing Ceremony with 8 Thai enterprises

With these preeminent features, Lina Network signed a contract with 8 Thai companies in applying Blockchain technology to the Supply Chain on May 18th. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, former Prime Minister of Thailand.

Contract signing ceremony for the co-operation of Lina platform applied in to Supply Chain
Chairman of Lina Network – Mr. Vu Truong Ca and former Thailand Prime Minister – Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva (5th and 6th, from the left)

June 19th – MOU Signing Ceremony with Laos Government

The MOU Signing Ceremony for “Digital Identity Solution on Blockchain Platform” had been occurred between Lina Network and Government of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic which held in Vientiane, Laos with the participation of more than 30 leaders from Ministries, such as: Ministry of Science and Technology; Ministry of Information and Culture, General Department of State Bank; Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health; Ministry of Home Affairs, etc. In addition, there are also invited guests who have used technology Blockchain platform of Lina Network from Thailand.

Lina Network signed MOU with Laos Government
Chairman of Lina Network – Mr. Vu Truong Ca and the Minister of Science and Technology of Laos – Mr. Boviengkham Vongdara

According to Mr. Vu Truong Ca, Chairman of Lina Network, Blockchain technology can digitize data quickly, making the data secure and safe. “With Blockchain, decentralized technology, we can seamlessly share information in a series of blocks without the need for a third party to interfere with the management. Applying Digital Identity by Blockchain is considered a public record on the digital platform”

With transparency and immutable, Lina Network saw the potential of Blockchain in many other areas such as Health Care and Education.

July 13th – Workshop with Stanford University and Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University

Lina Network along with Stanford University professor Jan Liphardt and the Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University representatives held a workshop aimed at the practice of medicine management: Putting the training practice process on Blockchain platform.

The conference was attended by representatives of Lina Network, Stanford University and Ho Chi Minh City Medicine and Pharmacy University

Stanford University was also joining with Lina Network and Mahidol University of Thailand to set up the first Blockchain Institute project in Thailand. The goal of this project is to build 100 Blockchain Institutes around the world to be a leader and proactive in providing Human Resources on Blockchain field in 4.0 revolution.

July 2018 – Industry Summit 4.0

Lina Network was honored to be invited to the Prime Minister’s Office at Industry Summit 4.0 to discuss the upcoming policy and strategy for Vietnam’s economy to integrate with the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. Industry Summit 4.0 2018 was held in two days 12th and 13th of July. It was a large-scale international event organized by the Government and the Central Economic Commission with series 5 seminars was held in parallel and a high-level forum attracted many leading speakers from the US, Germany, France, Finland, Japan and Korea.

Lina Network in an event with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc
Representatives of Lina Network met the Prime Minister- Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc at Industrial Summit 4.0

At the meeting in the prime minister’s office, Co-Founder of Lina Network, Mr. Vu Truong Ca emphasized Blockchain technology as the cornerstone of the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, the “diamond mine” that Vietnam is in dire need of. The development of the industry has impressed us.

October 25th – Lina Supply Chain MVP launching event

Lina Network officially launched the first Supply Chain product on Blockchain Platform and signed the contract with 2 big corporations in Thailand: AIM THAI and Hi Chef. In particular, Aim Thai is the largest fruit processing and exporting group in Thailand and Hi Chef is the leading Thai frozen food company. This event attracted all most Vietnamese Crypto Influencers as well as Vietnamese well-known presses.

Lina FarmTrust's official launch in Thailand
Lina Supply Chain MVP’s official launching event in Ho Chi Minh

At half of the year, the market fluctuated quite strongly when the “giant” Bitcoin suddenly fell sharply by more than 50%, cause many projects depressed and delayed their project. But, with the desire to reach our goals, Lina Network continues our journey to conquer successfully by continuously connecting with foreign partners to join and develop technological ideas. Including some contracts of large Japanese corporations such as Komatsu, Asian Gate Way, AGC-ISSIER, etc. were signed.

Lina Network is honored to be a strategic partner in technology, strategic consulting on Blockchain technology and financial solutions (Fintech) for its partners.

24th and 26th November – The LINA Concert “Passion of Rothschild” at Thailand and Vietnam

The most impressive event of Lina Network in 2018 is LINA Concert – Passion of Rothschild which was held in Thailand and Ho Chi Minh City on the 24th and 26th November. The performer was Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild, a member of Rothschild family, the most powerful family in banking and finance.

EO LINA – Mr. Nguyen Dang Trieu Thien and Baroness Chalortte de Rothschild
CEO of Lina Network – Mr. Nguyen Dang Trieu Thien and Baroness Chalortte de Rothschild (1st and 3rd, from right)

December 2018 – TECHFEST 2018

In early of December 2018, Lina Network also attended the TECHFEST event in 2018, the biggest technology event in Vietnam. In this event, Lina Network Chairman said that Vietnam must quickly catch up with the general trend of the world in the industrial 4.0. Accordingly, he proposed to establish a professional alliance between many leading experts to further study the e-Government project 4.0.

Lina Network at Techfest 2018
Chairman of Lina Network, Mr. Vu Truong Ca at TECHFEST 2018

With all the achievements Lina Network has achieved in the past year, we are proud to be one of the leading companies in the Blockchain in Asia. In addition, Lina Network’s current technology-focused policy has brought about even better achievements in the upcoming 2019.