GlobalGAP cooperates with Lina Network to develop Agriculture 4.0 in Vietnam


July 16, 2020

Lina Network and GlobalGAP are in cooperation with supporting and building the 4.0 Agriculture model in Vietnam.

Global GAP is a global organization (more than 140 offices around the world) with a core mission of building safe, sustainable agriculture across the globe.

Previously, in June 2018, at the Economic Forum, which hosted by the Central Economic Committee in collaboration with the Government Office, held a seminar on Agriculture in industry 4.0. Chairman of Lina Network – Mr.Vu Truong Ca and Mr.Truong Gia Binh – Chairman of FPT Technology Group once said: “Only technology applications, especially for 4.0 technology, are able to solve the problem of Vietnam’s agricultural products: have a pumper crop but low demand; high demand, have a poor crop”.

Industry Summit 4.0
Mr.Vu Truong Ca at the Economic Forum

“This is still an issue for Vietnam Agriculture. And export will be the best solution for the issue above.

In fact, export standards differ from country to country. It is a vital question that how to create common criteria for all countries in the world or, the most basic export criteria are set by a region. For example, ASIA, EU, UK. Today, based on the general demand of the market, and the potential of the industry, Lina Network is cooperating GlobalGAP to build the models of Agriculture 4.0, which first specialized for Durians.

durian farm in Vietnam
The way to 100 hectares durian plants

With 100 hectares of durians (In 2018, 28 Hectares, Mr. Sang – owner, has obtained 800 tons of Durian, respectively 15 million USD revenue) is harvested in Cam Ranh – Nha Trang.

Accordingly, Lina and Global GAP will cooperate together with Supplychain based on Blockchain for durian products.

In general, competed time for GlobalGAP standard meeting demand is 180 days, and will be supervised by Global senior officers.

Experts from GlobalGAP are sharing techniques to farmers
Mr.Sang (The man standing) and Lina team, GlobalGAP team

According to strategy from 3 parties: Durian ranchers, GlobalGAP and Lina Network. Durians in the future should have meet 3 criteria:

Vietnam farmers gain benefits from durian exportation. Durians in Vietnam meet demand in exportation so that Vietnam’s Durian is going to be widely known.

Lina Network is responsible for creating Supplychain based on Blockchain Platform with practical applications for Vietnamese products.

Mr.Sang - Owner of 100-hecta durian farm in Vietnam
GlobalGAP expert (Man who wearing the white shirt) sharing management experience

Meet the needs of local market and international standards, users are able to trace back the origin of the products.

GlobalGAP stimulates Vietnam economy growth by creating the standard to filter the clean and quality product with high competitive in Vietnam and going abroad.

In addition, GlobalGAP also eliminates the unqualified, fake products in the market. Then, trust gradually increase among Vietnamese which products specialized for not only Vietnamese but also foreigners.

It is obviously that this is the first Lina Case Study of original and clean products, built by 2 organizations: GlobalGAP and Lina Network in digitizingly produce process on Blockchain technology.

Watch the video about LINA Network at Mr.Sang durian plants here.

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