Starbucks’ traceability app launches the “bean-to-cup” journey

Lina Network

August 25, 2020

Always be the initiator of contemporary customer-behavior-transforming trends, once again, Starbucks becomes the ​precursor to launch their own traceability tools in F&B sector.

Just one QR scan away, coffee lovers at Starbucks will get the digital passport to visit farmers who make beans, come into factory where these beans are roasted, meet baristas and travel coffee-growing areas all around the world.

starbucks traceability tool

In Starbucks’ Stories & News, Ms. Michelle Burns, Senior Vice President of Global Coffee & Tea at Starbucks shared: “We’ve always known where our coffee comes from as part of C.A.F.E. Practices, our responsible sourcing program, but now, with this tool we have the opportunity to transparently share that information with everyone. Every coffee has a story to tell, and I could not be more excited for people to be more connected to the whole coffee experience, from bean to cup, and meet the many people whose hard work, time and attention makes coffee possible.”

Also in official announcement of the new Starbucks Traceability tool, they provide specific instructions of this digital tool as following: Use mobile or laptop to access, then scan the QR code behind a coffee bean bag in any Starbucks stores in the U.S. The website app will bring you to where the beans are produced, introduce you to the farmers who grow them and even provide you the information of roasters who make this your favorite coffee flavor. Especially, the website app is not limited, if you are an avid reader or a coffee passionate, you can visit it anytime to explore rich resources of knowledge about coffee-growing regions in the worlds.

using instructions of Starbucks traceability tool

Besides interesting customer experience the tool provides, this traceability platform which is co-developed by Starbucks and Microsoft, also benefits Starbucks’ coffee suppliers. In the transparent platform, they can easily track the beans’ journey and their final derivatives.

Clearly, traceability tools are familiar, especially in Consumer Goods sector. However, Starbucks has still attracted tremendous public attention with the launch of their new tool due to the new level of customer experience it leverages and human value it contributes to the diligent farmers and people are working to make each coffee cup available.

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