Young leaders of Lina Network share the story of ambition with Vietcetera

Lina Network

September 17, 2020

In the middle of September, Mr. Tran Van Bach – CEO and Ms. Pham Thu Trang – Marketing Director at Lina Network had an interview with Vietcetera – an online newspaper.

Both of these leaders, despite their young age, are rich in experience in the field of expertise and ambition to develop digital transformation trends, widespread Blockchain technology in Vietnam as well as bring Lina Network to new heights. Mr. Bach Tran has 10 years studying and working in the field of Finance & Investment in the UK and many years of self-research and development in the field of investment in decentralized application development enterprises, Blockchain. Ms. Thu Trang also gained practical knowledge after more than 5 years of experience in SaaS (service software), Marketing, consulting business marketing solutions and digital transformation technology solutions.

Lina Network CEO Deputy and CMO
Mr. Bach Tran – CEO Deputy (left) and Ms. Thu Trang – CMO (right)

Being open about the reasons for choosing to “join” for Lina Network both affirms that this is a challenging choice because Lina Network focuses on developing solutions on Blockchain platform – a relatively new platform. However, the challenge is also an opportunity for them to freely devote to creating many practical values ​​from the potential of this leading technology.

Ms. Thu Trang shared the dramatic changes Blockchain has created for a number of current economic sectors: “The essence of blockchain is transparent and irreversible, so it is often applied to transaction management, systems and data storage for a wide variety of industries, typically finance, retail, e-commerce, supply chain, logistics, healthcare, and education. .. In agriculture, blockchain is used with the purpose of traceability. A good example is Walmart using blockchain throughout the supply chain from farms to consumers. In the supply chain, Lina Network also focuses on developing a traceability platform towards high quality agricultural products. ”

Lina Review feature
Demo of Lina Review platform

When asked about the most promising Blockchain application product of Lina Network in Vietnam market, Mr. Bach Tran did not hesitate to introduce to readers about the Lina Review project. He shared valuable information about the potential to provide a transparent review environment for both reviewers and readers: “Lina Network wants to build a transparent Lina Review review platform with objective reviews, quality, and more reliable. From there, businesses can collect reviews from customers in a short time to improve the quality of products and services, while cutting marketing costs. In the long run, we will have the right to be more proactive in navigating Vietnam’s tourism image.

The interview brings the opportunity for the story behind the entire Lina Network’s journey to be shared and understood.

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