Lina Network Monthly Recap of August 2020

Lina Network

August 30, 2020


August 20, 2020, the Future Government Conference officially takes place on a limited number of participants, all leading experts in the field of digital transformation, government digitization. The event focuses on providing directions and solutions to support New Zealand’s new E-Government and encouraging other countries to catch up with this inevitable trend.

On the sidelines of the event, Lina Network and the press also had many news articles such as:

At the end of August, two representatives of Lina Network had an interview with Vietcetera newspaper about the opportunities and challenges of the digitization process in Southeast Asia. Mr. Leigh Flounders – Strategic Advisor of Lina Network shared the challenge in digitizing government: “When we look at working with regional governments and large enterprises, it’s crucial to approach every project with empathy and avoid causing internal rifts. You are dealing with large bureaucracies relying on legacy technologies, so you need to tread carefully when bringing in a disruptive technology like Lina’s.”

Mr.Leigh and Mr. Mitchell Pham
Mr. Leigh Flounders (Left) and Mr. Mitchell Pham (Right)

Mr. Mitchell Pham also gives an objective assessment of the speed of digital transformation in this public administration: “When it comes to adoption by the government, things are different. Because each government body has a different level of maturity and because they rely on different digital platforms and more often than not have different workplace cultures, homogenizing these varying legacy technologies will be an uphill battle. So it will take time.”

However, with the technological and human resources of Lina Network, both of them believe in their ability to develop and lead the e-government trend in particular and digital transformation in general.

Find out more about Vietcetera’s interview here.


Lina Network Blockchain

Tested Lina Blockchain Protocol on load capacity, large transaction processing and most importantly, the ability to integrate into external systems.

Lina E-Government

Joined the Future Government Event hosted by New Zealand, with 2 main purposes:

  1. Presenting the project of Digitizing Driver’s License to the Lao government with the subjects of corporate and government representatives in D9.
  2. Introducing the E-Government Pool for the object that is the representative of the segment, the government in D9:
  • Talent Pool: companies capable of building e-Government systems.
  • Idea Pool: ideas for improving and empowering e-Government systems.
  • Money Pool: expenses for Talent Pool to build the e-Government systems of Idea

Lina Review

Continued to build UI UX Mobile App for Lina Review on iOS and Android.

Changed the logic feed to be able to sort and deliver relevant information to each user, specifically:

– Changed the logic to sort feed according to the decreasing time and interest of users with each category.

Formula:Lina Review Formula


  • ConcernRate =NumberOfReview*ReviewScoringWeight+NumberOfLike*LikeScoringWeight. Eg: Review Scoring Weight = 2, Like Scoring Weight = 0.5 because for Lina Review, review is more important than like.
  • Lina Review can still show very old products because even though they are posted for a long time, they may still be trendy, or because of advertising campaigns. => PriorityLevel  set by admin, for each product. Default = 1.
  • Note: This recipe will continue to be updated at product launch based on data collected from real users

– Personalized Feed: Allowing users to choose the main categories that they are interested in, then the offered products will give priority to those categories. Specifically:

  • Each category that the user is interested in will have an x ​​weight (for example x = 1.5), the categories that the user is not interested in will have x = 1.
  • When displaying bulletins to users, the effect of x will affect the system’s sorting order to prioritize products in the main categories that the user is interested in. For example, the sorting order of the system is newest to top, then products slightly older but in the category that the user is interested in can be ranked first.

– Building a map system for business evaluated on Lina Review: The purpose of this feature is to build a map of products and services, divided by categories and accompanied by rating information, allowing people to using it is easy to find quality products and services

Lina Review 2

Lina Review 3

Lina Review 3

– Completed the Tracking system to identify:

  • When a user purchases a recommended product from Lina Review, it is clearly determined where the user comes from (for example, from another user’s review, an Expert review or on the product page). The purpose is to be able to accurately affiliate for each object.
  • The Dashboard allows Business Owners to measure and track information related to their products such as views, reviews, and Buy Now clicks of their products, breakdown into category, and time..

– Built an All-in-one QR code system allows each product to have 1 QR code to aggregate all the reviews that the product has, not only of Lina Review but also of other platforms. The FarmTrust Traceability Chain will also be integrated into products that have Agricultural origin and use Lina FarmTrust

Lina FarmTrust

– Lina Network continued to edit products after receiving comments from experts, experts and test users.

– Updated FarmTrust logic according to the feedback of experts in the field of Agritech and quality management

– Allowed users and administrators to directly view certificate documents and their path to the certificate (eg GlobalGap) on the system instead of just the name of the certificate

– Added COA attachment (Certificate of Analysis) for each batch of fertilizers

– Specified content of each ingredient in the supply chain, for example adding a field recording active ingredient name of fertilizer

– Pilot version supported the application of the FIFO principle in food. Note: Currently the pilot is not the final version.

– Built up the logic of “Prescription” for farming activities:

  • Before: The operator would enter the planting information based on the action that takes  place – for example, when the fertilization was finished, the information was that farmer A applied fertilizer at field B with fertilizer C at time t.
  • After: The operator will record the “Prescription” information before the fertilization action takes place, specifically the new design will operate as follows:

                     +  After the periodical examination, a decision on drug use will be made, with detailed information including: Name of active ingredient, Target user (fertilizer treatment plants …) in the lot, Purpose / plant condition , dose used, etc.

                     + Monitoring of the implementation process – Plant status (in case of handling pests and diseases)

                     + Note: the function is under construction and will be completed by October.

Lina MarketTrust

Completed UI for Lina MarketTrust: built and perfected interface for Lina MarketTrust with criteria of simplicity, cleanliness, and ease of use.

Lina MarketTrust

Lina MarketTrust 3

Lina MarketTrust 4

Lina MarketTrust 5

Token Update

  • Average price: $0,0176
  • Highest price: $0,0259
  • Lowest price: $0,0109
  • Average volume: $158.000
  • Highest Volume: $232.000
  • Lowest Volume: $43.000
  • Marketcap: $5.211.000

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