Lina Network Monthly Recap of July 2020

Lina Network

July 31, 2020


New brand identity

Ho Chi Minh City, July 31st, 2020 – Lina Network officially transformed the brand identity to pursue a new mission: “To become an organization with a global network that provides solutions to real-world problems in societies using technology applications.”

The mission that Lina Network yearns to perform will not stop at agriculture. Now, our projects spread across many fields, such as reviews, healthcare, e-government, digital assets, etc. Because our development orientation and inner values have changed, Lina Network has decided to transform our brand identity in order to strengthen the brand image and ensure the consistency in conveyed message, thereby becoming a leading technology corporation. The birth of the new brand identity is the most succinct affirmation of the mission Lina Network wishes to fulfill.

Lina network ecosystem

? Explore with Lina Network how Blockchain changes the world in the era of technology!


Lina Network Blockchain

  • Upgraded Protocol of Lina Blockchain
  • Increased transaction processing speed
  • Synchronized Data Flow between sidechains. For example, for a mango brand, there will be 2 sets of data on 2 different side chains of Lina Blockchain: Review data and Traceability data – the system will allow the audit, awarding switching between these 2 chains is happening continuously and stably. Auditors and Regulators will also have decentralized management permission to access each of the respective data to make the Review score and the benchmark (Traceability – FarmTrust).

Lina Review

  • Built UI for Mobile App of Lina Review: easy-to-see, clean and clear interface design for users

Lina Review post 2Lina Review post 1

  • Unified Protocol for Lina Review Blockchain – allows working with other chains in the same system (eg Lina FarmTrust) under permission.
  • Completed multi-language function on Lina Review: Vietnamese, English

Lina Review setting

  • Built Embed feature in review, comment: users can embed videos or images in their reviews to increase the quality and credibility of the review content.

Lina Review Detail post

Lina FarmTrust

Lina Network continued to improve and complete Lina FarmTrust – the agricultural traceability platform on Blockchain. Lina FarmTrust has been upgraded into the final version that is soon-to-be launched and applied in agritech farms nationwide.

– Built a new UI to enhance convenience for users on Lina FarmTrust.

farmtrsut theme
Lina FarmTrust’s homepage with Menu on the left and specific tables of information/ charts that operators concern


Simple but essential information profile information to adapt with multi-level users

– Built UI wireframe for Lina FarmTrust mobile version to let users access to the platform anytime, anywhere as long as having a smartphone

– Discussed and finalized with Nichirei Corps on major modifications of Lina FarmTrust

– Built different UI for each object: Specifically, if the login object is Farmer, there will be a separate UI, in which there will only be functions that focus on daily work, for example:

  • Fertilizer Application
  • Irrigation system
  • Operation management
  • Key updates after working with Supply Chain and Smart Agritech experts: Adjusting standard flow from Strict to Flexible:

         Before: Lina FarmTrust was built according to Strict Regulation, which meant that if the imported parameters did not follow the predetermined standards (eg: GlobalGAP) the system will not allow import.

         After: Lina FarmTrust would be built into Flexible Regulation: This meant that if the imported parameters were not up to standard, import would still be allowed but with warnings – the purpose was to keep the production process uninterrupted but still ensure quality control and information storage capabilities.

Token Recap

  • Average price: $0,0238
  • Highest price: $0,0343
  • Lowest price: $0,0182
  • Average volume: $266.000
  • Highest Volume: $398.000
  • Lowest Volume: $161.000
  • Marketcap: $7.000.000

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