Transparency — The key that building business’s trust from customer reviews

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July 12, 2020

Review industry is growing drastically and therefore the transparency also comes up which becoming frauds on Review platform. According to the Search Engine Land, Tripadvisor has to delete more than 1.5 million fake reviews every year. The purpose of creating this fake review is to increase the reputation of the hotel with good reviews or to bring bad reviews to take its competitors down on this platform.

At the same time, the article also said that among 73% of the 1.5 million fake reviews, this system detected and deleted immediately after the review was posted. Accounts that continually create fake reviews will be banned by Tripadvisor or have a “phishing” badge.

Looking at the above actions, most people think it’s fair when they ban fake reviews to help users see the true assessment of the products/services. However, few people know that Tripadvisor and other Review platforms have a system in which they have full authority to delete, ban or do whatever they want. This makes them become a fair system but not transparent.

The proof is that review platform such as Tripadvisor, Airbnb have all been “detected” in removing bad comments from consumers when they evaluated the quality of the service they used, we do not know if there is the invisible hand out there is affecting on them or not, but the way they do makes their system less transparent.

The negative impact of intransparent reviews

Or the food rating platforms, many times we watch the food and beverage reviews. Looking at the reviews are all good, great but when we come to the restaurant, everything seems to be collapsed when it is not alike what the reviewers on the platform had evaluated. Are those fake reviews like the Tripadvisor mentioned above, or did the platform delete all the true reviews, or both of them, no one knows.

Therefore, in addition to being fair, Review platform needs to be transparent, all reviews must be presented so that users can see and comment. With the solutions:

Reviews will be stored on the Blockchain: The reviews can be deleted or modified, all changes and edits can be traced on the Blockchain.

  • KYC: This KYC aims to identify who the user is, avoid fake accounts created continuously to spam.
  • Rewarding mechanism: Use tokens to reward to those who have made a fair contribution on the platform, voted by users
  • Users evaluate each other: Reviewers with reviews that are considered accurate will be rated well by other reviewers, reputation score will be increased. Besides, if they’re lying, their reputation will be reduced.
  • Experts: They will apply to the expert position on the platform through their review experience. Experts have in-depth knowledge and will be trusted by other users and reviewers in their reviews. However, they are also evaluated by other experts and users.

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