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September 21, 2020

The year of the rat is considered as the most challenging year not only in Vietnam’s economy but also the global economy. Facing those obstacles, there is still a potential opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the more spectacular breakthrough, which is digital transformation with future technology 4.0 (Digital Transformation 4.0). However, in Vietnam, this process is still slow and ineffective. This article gives out problems in digital transformation in Vietnam and a practical example of the successful application of digital transformation is FPT Corporation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the process of changing the business’s model from a traditional to digitizing one by applying new technology 4.0 such as Internet of Things – IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data which is aiming to change the method and manage the process, leading, working process and company’s culture.

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The common digital transformation concept issues of Vietnamese businesses

Although digital transformation is trending in 4.0 technology all over the world, most Vietnamese businesses are still confused about it.

Mr. Nguyen The Manh, Senior Manager of Deloitte, raised the issue of how to improve business productivity and said that digital transformation capacity will help businesses improve efficiency and that is one of the latest trends. 

One of the reasons that Vietnamese businesses are not really interested in digital transformation is that their governance is not really good. Most of Vietnamese enterprises are not aware of the importance of information technology in business, leading to not knowing how to transform digitally.

The digital transformation process and innovation of new technology integrated business models are still a big challenge for most Vietnamese enterprises.

Explaining the reason why the digital transformation process in Vietnamese enterprises is still slow compared to the actual business needs of enterprises, Mr. Manh said that there are 03 main reasons:

  • Lack of coherence between the benefits of digital transformation with business goals.
  • Awareness of the uneven digital transformation among employees of departments and divisions in enterprises.
  • The pioneering to invest from leaders is not really effective.
  • A digital transformation strategy is not only about technology but also business model transformation, technology infrastructure transformation and human transformation and one of the most successful corporations in digital transformation in Vietnam is FPT.

FPT’s digital transformation strategy

Change perceptions of leaders and employees

Considered as one of the leading corporations in Vietnam in the digital transformation process, FPT’s digital transformation starts from the level of awareness and actions of leaders, from working processes, behaviors and employee communication. This is much more important than technology. Mr. Phan Thanh Son – Business Development Director of FPT Information System Company said: “We have signed a commitment to contribute to the digital transformation process in Vietnam by joining the Digital Transformation Alliance, by cooperating with leading domestic technology companies such as FPT, VNPT, Viettel and multinational technology enterprises such as Samsung SDS”.

After more than one year, the whole company’s strategy has shifted to the information technology field because the future of the world in general and of Vietnam in particular will rely on data processing and information transmission.

Investing in a team of experts

Making investment in a team of professionals with knowledge and technology expertise, and a deep understanding of the profession and specific business model of each business is one of the investment steps in the real journey. Accordingly, in order to accomplish all missions, few people know that FPT has planned to train their staff in technology about 10 years ago and paved the way to pioneer the first software export model in Vietnam. With that achievement, Vietnam’s position on the technology world’s map has reached a new height. More and more foreign businesses and corporations know about and cooperate in investing and transferring technology.

Proactively approach new technology

The argument shifting process is always attached to the core of approaching, developing and replicating new technologies and digital technology services to meet diverse market needs. In parallel with the expansion of era technology, FPT has also perfected and added existing digital transformation solutions, exploiting competitive advantages from combining knowledge power and services from all units members, investment cooperation businesses and the technology ecosystem that FPT has built and nurtured.

FPT.AI – Automated digital conversion solution

Nowadays, it can be said that immediate customer satisfaction and satisfaction is always a problem that businesses want to be able to bring. In the past, to be able to meet the needs of customers, businesses often owned a team of customer care up to a dozen people. But in the era of digital transformation 4.0, technology integration immediately meets this need, which is what any business wants to deploy.

Chatbot – an intelligent virtual assistant

Chatbots are becoming the focal point in the B2B marketing world as it is next important to assist businesses in their efforts to enhance customer service. Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots are to change the way people and businesses interact with brands and services.

Chatbots are integrated by technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Create and Understanding (NLU, NLG, NLP). These technologies help chatbots to understand and interpret customer contexts and intentions, and continually improve by extracting from Big Data. Chatbots are a little different from virtual assistants like Siri by focusing on completing very specific tasks instead of general support.

FPT.AI Conversation Chatbot

In September 2018, along with the latest updated version with many outstanding features, FPT.AI built chatbot version 3 – FPT.AI Conversation. The FPT.AI Conversation platform allows users and managers to create different chat scenarios, analyze chatbot, customer data, and manage messages with customers.

As one of the four main modules of FPT.AI, FPT.AI Conversation is the platform to create artificial chatbot applications with the most advanced machine learning technologies and Natural Language Processing/ Understanding – NLP/ NLU. FPT.AI Conversation platform integrates on popular chat interfaces such as Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Website, etc, allowing users to interact directly with businesses through natural chat, live support 1-1, giving customers a more realistic experience.

FPT.AI Chatbot provides contextual and personalized feedback through the chat interfaces on today’s messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Zalo, etc. without the need for an operator and directly chat with customers. This ability has helped businesses save a lot of money in serving and taking care of customers.

And in addition to saving costs, the trend of people who prefer to get information through chat over traditional phone calls is increasing. Advances in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing have allowed the development of smart bots that can provide very natural linguistic voice feedback.

From lead reviews to data collection and ultimately end sales or problem solving, chatbots can truly create engaging and unique experiences with excellent results across the board. Saving time, money, and customer care processes for B2B companies.

Achievement of enterprise digital transformation

“In the first three quarters of this year, FPT recorded revenue from argument transfer reaching 2,500 billion dong, up more than 35% and accounting for about one third of FPT’s total overseas technology revenue. By 2021, FPT aims to reach $ 1 billion in revenue from the technology sector, with digital transformation estimated to contribute about 45% of foreign market revenue”. – According to the Investment Bridge.

New tech-product services and solutions of the Group have been launched and achieved certain successes such as akaChain, akaBot, akaDoc, akaTrans, FPT.eHospital, FPT.eGOV. FPT also aspires to integrate cloud computing (Cloud Computing), big data (Big Data), artificial intelligence (AI) in the digital technology transformation. Additionally, FPT builds a team of consultants, develops the methodology of digital transformation FPT Digital Kaizen and implements 47 digital transformation projects so that by 2020, FPT aims to achieve digital transformation of the entire corporation.

The success of FPT’s digital transformation today is not an instantaneous step, it is a strategy with a vision and catching up with the times because technology is a constantly changing field, high emissions and great competition.

The commitment to digital transformation brings many lessons for Vietnamese businesses to optimize operations, increase productivity and create new business models.

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