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Blockchain is an emerging technology that can completely improving finance (bank), supply chain, and other network transactions and can generate new opportunities for innovation.

Businesses have many examples of networks of individuals and organizations working together to create value and enrich. These networks work together in asset exchange markets in the form of goods and services among participants.

Blockchain technology provides the platform for a flexible shared ledger, which can be applied to save time when recording transactions between parties, eliminating costs associated with intermediaries and reducing fraud risks.

7 outstanding features of Blockchain: transparency, immutability, security, linking, standardization, anytime and anywhere.

Lina Network’s products are built on Lina Network Platform, which includes 2 blockchain platforms connected by Lina Hybrid technology.

The public network is Ethereum’s decentralized network, applying the concept of smart contracts, has been chosen as the decentralized settlement layer of the Lina Platform, thereby ensuring the transparency of transactions, reviews and bid requests.

The private network is a decentralized network on Blockchain, called Lina Core. It is the most important element of Lina Platform, responsible for handling the logical layers. It is developed based on Ethereum Private (Lina Review) and Tendermint/Cosmos (Lina FarmTrust). It leverages smart contracts on the Blockchain to build a reliable network for users and solve issues related to transparency and immutability of solutions.

For consultation on the Lina FarmTrust traceability platform, please provide the information in the form in HERE.

The support team will contact you as soon as possible.

For consultation on the Lina FarmTrust traceability platform, please provide the information in the form in HERE.

The support team will contact you as soon as possible.

Lina FarmTrust is a traceability platform integrated with international standards, based on the world’s most prestigious technology – Blockchain. The list of parties benefit from Lina FarmTrust are:

  • Farmers: Lina FarmTrust supports farmers in certifications, expanding export markets and ensuring consumption.
  • Businesses: Lina FarmTrust supports businesses in strengthening brand images, expanding partnership networks and ensuring consumption.
  • Standard Organizations: Lina FarmTrust supports standard organizations in saving time, money and human resources and increasing transparency in the certification processes.

For consultation on the Lina Review platform, please provide the information in the form in HERE.

The support team will contact you as soon as possible.

To become a KOL on Lina Review platform, users need to meet the following criteria:

  • Level 5
  • Lina Point (LP): 3000 points
  • Followers: 500
  • Have at least 1000 reviews, get medals from KOLs/ Expert
  • Have specialized certificate

When users meet the above criteria, they can apply to become a KOL at Lina Review.

To join Lina Review platform, please visit the website: https://lina.review/

or download Lina Review app on Android/ iOS.

Accounts after being confirmed will reach Level 1 and be rewarded with 100XP.

For every user interaction on the platform such as rating, like, sharing, the account will receive Lina Point, Lina Token, XP Points, Tickets and be promoted to the next Level.

Lina Review is the world’s first Blockchain-based assessment platform. Lina Review community includes:

  • Users: Reviewers and viewers on the platform. By creating high quality evaluation contents (depend on products/ services and brands), users will receive Lina Point that can be exchanged for cash or Lina Token.
  • Experts/ KOLs: Experts or influencers in specific industries, contributing objective and quality assessments to the community. Being an expert on Lina Review helps you build your personal brand and earn real benefits through a reward system.
  • Businesses: Reach your target audience, promote brand awareness and collect feedback from them, conduct surveys and receive a tool for digital marketing.

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Lina Network community is an ecosystem with a broad range of products, providing solutions for practical issues in life.

If you are interested in joining our community, please visit via the links below:

1. Lina FarmTrust – A transparent traceability platform combined with farm management.

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2. Lina Review – The world’s first transparent assessment platform.

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3. Join Lina Network community to update latest news and information about us:

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