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The Lina Network Ecosystem consists of many projects and can be expanded thanks to Hybrid technology. Through Lina Network’s Blockchain platform, our projects are correlated and coordinated closely to support problem solving and optimize the usage efficiency of parties involved in the ecosystem.

As the solution of digitizing the supply chain, Lina FarmTrust are connected with Lina MarketTrust, towards the goal of completing and transparentizing the agriculture supply chain, from the first stage of producing inputs (seeds, agricultural supplies, land, etc.) until the products reach consumers on the e-commerce platform Lina MarketTrust.

Lina Review is also connected in the chain of Lina Network products, collecting reviews from previous buyers, thereby supporting consumers in making accurate purchase decisions. Lina Review platform aims to evaluate everything, in conjunction with other products in the Lina Network Ecosystem, such as Lina eGovernment, Lina MediTrust, etc., in order to collect information about customer experience in different fields of service. From there, users will be able to gain an overview of the products/ services before making purchasing decisions. At the same time, businesses and organizations also have the opportunity to listen to customers’ genuine feedback to improve their products/ services.

Lina eKYC is the first step of the Lina eGovernment project, which is a platform to verify and digitize personal information on Blockchain, integrated in the Lina Network Ecosystem, aiming to support customers register accounts and verify personal information quickly and conveniently.

The Lina Network Ecosystem is a complete system in which the entire Lina Network products are linked together and coordinate closely to form a community network.

The Lina Network Ecosystem has a lot of potential for future development and expansion thanks to the world leading trusted technologies such as Blockchain, Big Data and AI.

Lina Network provides solutions based on advanced technologies, especially Blockchain.

Blockchain is an encryption combination technology, used to store data, based on consensus and against data change. Once data is entered, it cannot be changed. Blockchain technology acts as a Ledger for all transactions. Blockchain applications bring transparency, reduce unnecessary costs, increase security and empower the community.

After a period of research, our team has built a unique Lina Network ecosystem that solves issues related to transparency and security for businesses and end users. We combine the advantages of Public Chains and Private Chains by using a hybrid bridge to connect these two chains together.

  • Private Chain – Where information is stored to optimize information security for businesses, avoiding disclosure of internal processes.
  • Public Chain – Optimize the financial flow, used to create Lina Token for payment in the entire Lina Network ecosystem.
  • Hybrid bridge – Connect the two chains, constantly update information and financial flow by real time.

Lina Network applies Blockchain technology in order to solve issues related to transparency and security:

  • Lina Review – The world’s first transparent assessment platform
  • Lina FarmTrust – A transparent traceability platform combined with farm management
  • Lina MarketTrust – An e-commerce platform for agricultural products, connecting producers and consumers
  • Lina MediTrust – An electronic health record digitization and management platform
  • Lina eGovernment – The platform digitizes all information of an individual, verified by the government


You can contact Lina Network via:

Lina Network’s office is located in 1435 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Please contact the hotline (+84) 28 5412 3006 to book appointment and get the direction to our office.

After 3 years of establishing and developing a global network, Lina Network is honored to become strategic partners with reputable organizations and corporations. These partnerships help our network expand constantly and reach potential customers.

  • Rothschild: is the wealthiest and most powerful family in the financial world. Rothschild family supports Lina Network in approaching reputable investment funds, as well as partners in Fintech and Digital Asset fields. Through Lina Network’s cultural and financial exchange events (Passion of Rothschild Concert) held annually in Thailand and Vietnam, with the participation of Baroness Rothschild, Lina Network has the opportunity to introduce our innovative solutions and expand our network with business owners and politicians.
  • Microsoft: As a golden partner of Microsoft, Lina Network is honored to contribute to the development of Microsoft’s Blockchain projects. At the same time, Microsoft supports us in connecting with companies of the same industries, exchanging and updating the latest Blockchain technologies.
  • GS1 Thailand (The Barcode Organization in Thailand): As the first platinum partner of GS1 Thailand, Lina Network is honored to cooperate with the organization in the project of converting all national barcodes to the Blockchain system, in order to eliminate counterfeit and minimize the import and export process. With GS1’s business network, Lina Network will be able to approach potential customers who have the demand to digitize their supply chain based on Blockchain technology. In addition, Lina Network representatives have been chosen as the speakers of topics related to technology application in GS1 seminars and events, thereby supporting Lina Network in the Thailand market.
  • GlobalGAP Vietnam: GlobalGAP standard organization is one of Lina Network’s strategic partners, of which experts participate in consulting for the traceability platform project – Lina FarmTrust. That makes Lina FarmTrust the first application to assist farmers in supply chain management, integrated with international standards, thereby supporting farmers in proving the quality of agricultural products and expanding exports. In addition, GlobalGAP’s business network supports Lina Network in finding customers after launching products.
  • The Ministry of Science and Technology of Laos: Lina Network is honored to be chosen by the Laos Government as the implementer of the electronic identification project on the Blockchain platform for 7 million people in this country. This milestone affirms our brand prestige and experience in the Blockchain field.

Lina Network’s strategic partners spread over the world:

  • Rothschild
  • Microsoft
  • GS1 Thailand
  • Aim Thai Intertrade
  • The Ministry of Science and Technology of Laos
  • Axtrics
  • Mahidol University
  • Nakronthai Central
  • Siam Food International Co., Ltd.
  • Fintech Center Korea

Lina Network is a company specialized in providing practical solutions to problems related to transparency and security by applying advanced technology such as Blockchain, Big Data, AI, etc.

At Lina Network, we believe that digital transforming to resolve real world problems is the inevitable trend of the 4.0 era. Therefore, we develop projects spread over many fields such as review, supply chain, healthcare, e-government, etc. to solve outstanding issues, thereby creating positive change to the society.

Lina Network is a  digital transformation solution provider of modern technology platforms which established in Vietnam, and a member of the multinational corporation Smart Links, of which headquarters is located in Zurich, Switzerland. Lina Network currently has representative offices in Laos, Thailand, Australia and Dubai.

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