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September 4, 2020

How Blockchain appliance in collecting reviews of big brands?

Collecting transparent reviews is considered as one of modern solutions that apply Blockchain following the trends of digitizing the world.Enterprises also approach modern technology solutions. Let us introduce some solutions for businesses when applying Blockchain technology in improving customer service and supporting branding. 

Not launching new products in series like Samsung, Apple only launched 1-2 new product models per year, but the revenue still tops the list and creates trends in the electronic technology market. What makes Apple rise such a “crazy” wave? Pioneering technology? Exquisite design beyond all expectations? Yes, technology and design are two factors that help Apple attract “their holic ” of it, but customer service is the key to keep and create sustainable success for this corporation.

Kate Nguyen is a loyal fan of Iphone. She is also interested in updating the latest Apple models when the brand launches products. After owning an Iphone 11 ProMax and using it for a few days, she began to write a review of the outstanding features and dissatisfaction points about the Iphone 11 ProMax where she bought it in Melbourne.

The next day, she received a call from Apple Melbourne’s customer service department. After collecting feedback from Kate Nguyen, the store thanked her and invited her to experience at the iPhone 11 ProMax premier.

Not only standing in the position of customers to research utility applications for users, Apple always focused on details of customer feelings. Moreover, they often read reviews or feel customers when experiencing products. 

Customers behaviors and online reviews relation

Customers are at the heart of all commercial activities that occur in daily life. It is not surprising that customer behavior is one of the factors determining the price and reputation of a product, service and brand. Online reviews that truly reflect customer behavior, needs and attitudes. However, reviews are gradually losing their authenticity and objectivity, as many businesses and individuals turn them into a product and create them only for the purpose of increasing profits, identity for products and services.

The benefits of publishing all reviews will help customers reduce product’ timing choice as they have an overview of the product/ service quality, and also a valuable opportunity for business to listen to customer experience to improve product/ service quality. 

Blockchain appliance in review industry

Another pros of Blockchain is that information is hardly changeable without consensus from the parties, so the rating score on the rating platforms will be guaranteed to be real numbers. Taking advantage of Blockchain in the review industry will solve the problems related to transparency, as well as build trust in the quality of reviews from users.

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What value do businesses gain with transparent review on Blockchain?

Applying Blockchain technology in reviewing products bring business’s value, in which:

Improving Customer service procedure

In recent days, collecting experience or customer’s feedback about online reviews is the trend of most digital businesses.

Collecting customer’s feedback will show:

  • How customer’s behavior is changing
  • The lack of developed planning that businesses need to improve for better products and services, or even touch the heart of grumpiest customers. 

Not all negative reviews are bad, in other perspectives, customer objective reviews give opportunities for businesses to realize defects and look for a replacing method to improve their products and services.

According to Microsoft, 77% of customers are very satisfied when the customer service department returns feedback and accepts recommendations. This shows that the brand actually takes the time to listen to customers, thereby building customer loyalty to the brand.

Supporting Marketing branding activities

Imagining that you paid an amount of money to afford a pair of shoes online. The seller’s advertisement is lively and also attractive, the rating from the user is also very high. By the time you receive the goods, the color and shape of the shoes are truly in reverse of your imaginations and this is not worthy at all. After completing a lot of complaints and waiting for a refund, you have almost completely lost trust in shoe sellers, online shoe brands and online shopping.

This is not a rare circumstance, in fact, “money loss, disability brings” has become a common issue among online shoppers in the digital age. The most dangerous extreme is the loss of consumer confidence in products, brands and online businesses.

Enterprises that collect transparent reviews thanks to Blockchain technology will contribute to supporting brand marketing activities, eliminating virtual reviews, bringing real experiences to customers.

At the same time, building brand trust from users as virtual reviews cover all fronts on today’s e-commerce sites.

Transparent assessment based on Blockchain application creates a solid-based in the business-customer relationship, helps businesses approach customers closer and shows how brands really take time to listen to your customers.

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